Parades and Routes

If you are planning a parade or route through the city you will need to complete and submit a Parade Permit.  If you plan to block a roadway and need the use of signage or barricades, you will need to complete a Barricade Permit.  You may submit these completed forms to Transportation Services via Fax at 780-538-3174 or by going to the City Services Centre at 9505 112 St.

Block Parties

Crime Prevention is the first stop for all your needs in planning a Block Party for your neighbourhood.  Should you require the use of barricades to block a roadway for your block party, you will need to complete a Barricade Permit and submit it to Transportation Services.  There will be charge for this permit.

Contractors on roadways

Those doing work on or near roadways in a manner that requires traffic to be blocked or re-routed must complete a Barricade a Public Roadway Application and submit it to Engineering Services via fax at 780-830-7440.

Depending on your needs other permits may be required: