What is Snow Removal Equipment Registration and why do we do it?

Registration of available Contractor Equipment ensures that Transportation Services has an up to date list of qualified contractors with certified and properly equipped graders, loaders and trucks when needed.

Who has to register their equipment? / Who is eligible?

Contractors must have snow removal experience. We are looking for graders, front end loaders with angle blades, tandem trucks with snow boards, dozers and excavators. Contractors must attend a Contractor Orientation Session and will receive notification of this session by telephone.  Orientation sessions typically occur within the first week of November.  

What are the requirements for contracted equipment?

Contracted equipment must be equipped with 2-way radios capable of integration into the City's frequency.  Contractors must obtain a business license from Enforcement Services, have a letter of good standing from WCB and have Public Liability Insurance of at least $2,000,000.00 on vehicle/equipment with coverage against injury and property damage.

Written proof of insurance must be provided prior to working with the City. 

Additional requirements are outlined in the PDF application below.  **Only applications with all the necessary documentation will be considered**

Where/how do you register your Equipment?

Contractors interested in providing snow removal services may apply to the City. We are currently changing our application process. The new process will be posted on our website as soon as it is ready.

For inquiries please contact:

City of Grande Prairie - City Services Center
Transportation Services 
9505 - 112 Street 
Grande Prairie, Alberta 
T8V 6H8

Phone: 780-538-0354
Fax: 780-538-3174

When do the applications have to be submitted?

Deadline for the beginning of the season will be October 14th 2016, although applications will be accepted and considered on an ongoing basis.

Who to contact for more information:

Please contact Alysha at 780-538-0346 or asamec@cityofgp.com to register or for any further information.