No matter how large or how small your business operation is, the City of Grande Prairie requires all home-based businesses to obtain a municipal business licence.

Below is the list of steps of the process required to receive a business licence when based from a residence within City limits.

May 1, 2021 - Business Licensing Process Improvements

With the recently passed Business Licence Bylaw C-1393, effective May 1, 2021, some home-based businesses could now be considered as an off-site business operation.

In addition to these improvements, certain contractors, direct sellers (door-to-door sales) and entrepreneurial youth will see new improvements to their business industry.

Step 1: Apply for the Business Licence

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Licence Fee: $200.00

Step 2: Application Review

When you apply for a municipal business licence, certain criteria are checked before the business licence certificate is issued.

We review the application details and follow-up with any questions we may have or submittal requirements that are missing from the application.

Step 3: Land Use Approval

We confirm if the desired location is appropriately zoned for the business activity. If necessary, you may be contacted by our development officers to guide your through the land-use approval process.

Step 4: Occupancy Classification

We assign the occupancy classification of the business location to your business licence. In some cases, the business activity might not align with the occupancy classification assigned to the building at the proposed business location. If necessary, you may be contacted by our Safety Codes or Fire Prevention Officers to guide your through the safety code requirements.

Step 5: Issuance of the Business Licence

The business licence certificate is issued once the land-use approval has been obtained and the occupancy classification is correctly assigned. The business licence will be mailed to the mailing address on file.

In some cases, we will issue the business licence if the required permits have been applied for and are in process.

Business Licence Expiry:

The business licence expires at midnight, at month end, one calendar year from the initial date the licence is issued, unless otherwise specified. 

Business Licence Renewals:

A renewal notice will be emailed to the email address on the licence file on the 1st day of the month when the business licence expires. Please note to check your junk mail folder as some email address domains have been known to redirect our renewal notices.

In addition to the business licence application, some business activities have further provisions and requirements to follow when applying for a City of Grande Prairie business licence.