This permit application is to be used for any Secondary Suite or Garage Suite (new development or legalizing an existing suite) that is not part of the construction of a new residence.


Fees and Timelines:  The fee for a secondary suite is $150 (plus an additional $150 fee if this is a new single detached dwelling).  The fee for a garage suite is $150 plus a $400 discretionary use fee.  Timelines for a secondary suite will vary from a few days for a straight forward application to several weeks if there is a variance to the Land Use Bylaw involved.  Timelines for a garage suite will be approximately 3 weeks because it is a discretionary use.

Submission Information:  Please review submission requirements on the front page of the application.  Applications may be submitted electronically to  You can also attend our front desk at 9505 - 112 Street, Grande Prairie between 8:30 and 4:30 Monday to Friday.  

Questions:  If you have questions about our application form or the application process, please contact us at 780-538-0325 or 

Also Known As:  Secondary Suite application, Garage Suite application