This form is to be completed and submitted when applying for the Urban Residential Development Grant.

Fees and Timelines

Applications are open until the end of the year or until funding runs out. 

Application Requirements

Projects are required to meet all legal requirements including those in the Land Use Bylaw, the Downtown Enhancement Plan, Building Codes and any other applicable regulations. Applicants are encouraged to meet with Inspection Services and Development Permitting to determine any permitting requirements.

The Urban Residential Development Grant does not have additional requirements, but applicants are encouraged to consider the Design Goals in their design.

For the Patio Grant, the design must allow for an unobstructed pedestrian space that is at least 2m wide. If there is not enough space to achieve this, it can be provided with decking. The applicant is required to arrange any necessary agreements with Engineering Services and the Transportation Department.

What to submit?

Completed Application Form

  • Urban Residential Development Grant Application Form
  • Patio Grant Application Form 
  • Demolition Grant Application Form 

Preconstruction Photos – Photos shall show the current site and its context including adjacent structures, roadways, sidewalks, and landscaping

Site Plan – The plan should indicate all structures and their context including adjacent structures, roadways, sidewalks, and landscaping. A site plan is not required for the Façade Improvement Grant.

Project Description – A complete description of the project.

  • For the Urban Residential Development Grant, this must include the proposed uses and number of residential units.
  • For the Patio Grant, this will include the intended use of the space and intended user groups.

Project Drawings – Drawings should show the proposed design. Construction drawings are acceptable.
Project Quotes – At least two quotes from separate contractors that indicate the Hard Cost of the project. This is not required for the Urban Residential Development Grant
(NOTE: Reimbursement will be based on the project’s actual Hard Costs)
Proof of Means - Confirmation of project funding. May include a grant confirmation, bank statement or letter from a lender or other funding source. Proof of means is only required for the Urban Residential Development Grant.


Applicants are encouraged to meet with the Program Coordinator prior to submitting their application. The Program Coordinator can be reached at  or 780-513-5240