Community Policing

Community Policing encourages a partnership between the community and the police force. They are frequently involved in the community with local agencies and have RCMP officers dedicated to local schools.

Forensic Identification Services

Forensic Identification Services work with the physical evidence found at crime scenes. They also assist in a number of nearby communities in the Grande Prairie Area. 

General Investigation Section 

The General Investigative Section is responsible for looking after a variety of criminal infractions, containing units such as Property Crimes and Drug Enforcement.

Traffic Services 

The Municipal and Provincial Traffic Services Units enforce traffic laws, respond to collisions, and work towards the reduction of the frequency of injurious and fatal collisions.

Police Dog Services

Records Section

In addition to numerous administrative duties, Records looks after approximately 35,000 files that are handled by the Grande Prairie RCMP each year.


Rural members provide service to the communities surrounding the Grande Prairie Area.