The Parks Improvement Funding Program supports qualifying organizations looking to improve or enhance an existing neighbourhood park. Total dollar amount allotted by City Council is $20,000 per year for the budget cycle.

How to Apply

Submit a "Letter of Request for the Parks Improvement Funding Program" after February 1st of the application year.

What to include in your Letter of Request

This letter should include the following:

  • Goal/ scope of the project - tell us what your group wants to do
  • Project budget
    • What is the total project budget?
    • Other financial donations obtained including gifts in kind (e.g. equipment hours) and hours of volunteer labour.
    • Provide any written quotes necessary from park equipment suppliers
    • Samples of similar projects in the City or other locations that meet group goals/project vision
  • Identify any associated volunteers - List key contacts and volunteers who will be assisting with the project
  • Project timelines - Identify anticipated start date/completion date
  • Identify possible financial considerations that may result - with an increase of park equipment, consideration must be given to associated future maintenance costs or replacement of those assets. These costs are considered in the review process. These costs could include items such as: watering new trees for three years or longer, regular maintenance such as painting/staining furniture, etc.
  • Additional information may be required during the review process

Submissions or inquiries can be emailed or mailed to:

City of Grande Prairie
Attention: Parks Operations
P.O. Bag 4000
Grande Prairie , AB T8V 6V3

* Please note: Playground structures located within a neighbourhood park must be installed by a certified playground installer and shall comply with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA Z-614)

Samples of Past Recipients:

  • St. Gerard Parent Council - Playground Benches (2)
  • Alexander Forbes School - New Playground project (multi-year applicant)
  • Maude Clifford School - New Playground project (multi-year applicant)
  • Royal Oaks Neighbourhood Safety Team - Picnic tables for neighbourhood park (2)

City Council approves any grants given under the Parks Improvement Funding Program.