The Bob Neufeld Scholarship provides up to 4 scholarships of $1,000 annually to individuals who are pursuing excellence in their chosen sport(s). Applications can be from individual athletes, volunteer coaches or officials who have a desire to further their expertise in their chosen sport.


  • Applicants will be eligible to apply for one Scholarship in each calendar year.
  • Deadlines for scholarship applications are March 1 and October 1 of each year.


  • Please complete and submit the Bob Neufeld Scholarship Application Form
  • *In order to submit your application form by email, you need to have Adobe Reader XI
  • Please use Internet Explorer to submit your application, or if using another web browser, save the PDF first, complete the form, then attach to an email (submit form button will not work unless you are using Internet Explorer)

​Applications must be received prior to the event occurring. Applications received after an event will not be accepted.


Applicants for these awards must:

  • Exhibit excellence in their respective sport.

  • Provide an individual goal statement and a history of performance and achievements.

  • Clubs submitting applications on behalf of its members are limited to one applicant per club, per funding deadline.

  • Applications must include letters of support from a coach/mentor and National Sport Association outlining how they exhibit excellence in their respective sport.

  • Coaching applicants must be volunteers.

Reporting Requirements

In order to be eligible for further funding, applicants must complete a Statement of Accountability (25KB PDF) to report how the Pursuit of Excellence - Bob Neufeld Scholarship was spent within 90 (ninety) days of completion.

Past Recipients

These athletes have used these funds to improve their standings at the National level:

  • Adrien Schadeck, Track & Field

  • Lee Dandefur, Basketball

  • Molly Bouchard, Wrestling

  • Mitchel Cote, Volleyball

  • Danielle Smith, Volleyball

  • Ryan Sheehan - Gymnast

  • Lucas McMahon - Speed Skater

  • Cathy Martinek - Martial Arts

  • Alex Bateman - Freestyle Skier

  • Ryan Schoorlemmer - Speed Skater

  • Ryan Blais - Freestyle Skier

  • Cord Spero - Freestyle Skier

  • Lindsay McCaustlin - Figure Skater