Everyone can play a role to make their neighbourhood a more connected community. Communities where people know their neighbours are safer. Our "My Neighbour Card" is a wonderful community engagement tool to get to know your neighbours and build a safe and vibrant community!

The card provides you with spaces to fill in contact information for your neighbours so that in the event of a break-in, or other suspicious activity, you are able to provide police with your neighbours names and addresses.

Download your Know Your Neighbour Card (PDF, 956 KB) and help build a safer community today.

Here are some other tips on getting to know your neighbours:

  • Welcome new neighbours by offering a small yet caring gesture or gift. Veggies from your garden, a cup of coffee, some cookies or muffins are some great options!
  • Introduce yourself to your neighbour and get to know them and tell them a little bit about yourself.
  • Make an effort to keep connected! Wave as you pass by, have a chat when you’re both outside, pull in their garbage bin.