Neighbourhood Eye is a neighbourhood patrol initiative that allows residents to actively play a role in the prevention of crime and enhance their neighbourhoods. Residents from an established Neighbourhood Association will:

  • Form walking patrol and be a visible presence in their neighbourhood
  • Report graffiti, broken equipment, burnt out lights, potholes and more
  • Get to know their neighbourhood and neighbours
  • Recognize good neighbour deeds and be a positive influence in the neighbourhood
  • Recommend coordinated walks with community members once a week with a minimum of two people


Residents who are interested in getting involved in the Neighbourhood Eye initiative in their neighbourhood are asked to contact your Neighbourhood Association board.


  • Download the SeeClickFix app to your smartphone to report potholes, road concerns, snow removal, street sweeping, street signs and signals (include the direction of travel when encountering signal)
  • Read our Reporting Guidelines to learn what types of issues are appropriate for reporting.
  • Report litter and other concerns and inquiries to the Citizen Contact Centre via email, be sure to include which neighbourhood and date of patrol in the subject line and as much detail as possible in the body of the email and include the contact name and phone number. 
  • Neighbourhood Quadrant Maps

The City of Grande Prairie has developed quadrant maps for each Neighbourhood Association to use. These will come into play if you have Neighbourhood Eye and are planning your walks.