From January 13 to January 31 the City of Grande Prairie is conducting a Citizen Satisfaction Survey.

The Citizen Satisfaction Survey objectively measures satisfaction with municipal services and identifies priorities among residents to help inform City budgeting and planning processes.

Forum Research has been retained to complete the survey, which includes a random telephone survey as well as an online survey.

The telephone survey will target 400 randomly selected residents to achieve statistically valid and representative results.  Everyone has an equal chance of being called to participate, regardless of whether they have a landline or cell phone. These results serve as a benchmarking tool for the City to compare against other municipalities and against our self on a bi-annual basis. If you receive a call, please take the time to share your valuable feedback.

In conjunction, an open online survey is available for all residents to take at This survey ensures everyone has an opportunity to participate and provide feedback as we recognize the importance of community engagement to our residents. Results from the online survey will be reported separately to retain statistical validity of the telephone survey.

The City of Grande Prairie thanks everyone for their participation.