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Community engagement on the 2021 Budget has officially been launched by the City of Grande Prairie.

Members of the community are encouraged to visit the City’s engagement website at to participate in a variety of online engagement activities including:

  • A 10-15 minute survey
  • An idea space to share thoughts and brainstorm about the future of the community
  • A Q&A space to ask administration questions about the budget and get live responses

To participate, residents must create an account on the website to verify residency and agree to the terms of use.

In addition, an online budget allocator is available at which allows residents to view how much of the average annual tax bill goes to each City service and vote on whether they would increase, maintain or decrease funding on each item.

Residents can provide feedback on the engagement page and budget allocator from June 25- July 15. Feedback collected will be reported to City Council prior to Council budget deliberations on November 4, 5 and 6. 

The goal of the engagement is to better identify and understand which City services and initiatives residents value the most.

The City thanks residents in advance for their participation and input to the 2021 Budget so budget decisions can be made that maximize value for tax dollars.


In 2018, City Council embarked on a ‘budget reset’ year and approved a 4.1% reduction in taxes for the 2019 City Budget. In 2019, City Council approved a 2020 budget with a 1.25% tax increase; in May of 2020, in response to COVID-19, City Council then approved a 1.25% rebate on taxes, equivalent to the previously approved tax increase, to effectively create a 0% increase for 2020. Council has directed the administration to present a budget for 2021 with a tax increase within the range of 0% and 2.5%.

Since 2019, Council’s budgeting process has focused on balancing fiscal constraint with the need to provide a strong level of service, tie major investments to Council priorities and review all City operations to maximize corporate efficiency and spending value