This news item was published 6 months ago, and may not contain the latest information.

The City of Grande Prairie is now accepting applications for Major Project Funding and Festival Funding through the Arts Development Fund.

The Major Project Funding is designed to support and encourage the development of local artists and groups involved in the arts by:

  • Supporting programs/projects which foster and promote the enjoyment of visual, literary and performing arts by local artists and groups that contribute to the cultural fabric of the community (e.g. exhibitions, displays, preservation of art)
  • Providing scholarships to developing artists to assist in taking them to the next level of development, expression or performance

The fund is intended to support one-time-only, unique local opportunities.

A full list of eligibility criteria and application requirements is available online.

The Festival Funding supports non-profit groups organizing local festivals. Applications will be evaluated based on the entertainment value of the event, the cultural /artistic benefit to the community and its ability to attract visitors to the area.

Full details on the fund and how to apply are available here.

Submissions for both funding streams are being accepted until January 1, 2020.