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Here are the City Council highlights for the meeting held April 20, 2020:

Land Use Bylaw Amendments

City Council approved Land Use Bylaw Amendments C-1260-116 to revise six use definitions and propose two new ones to improve clarity around social types of housing and facilitate the permitting process. The amendments revise the Permitted and Discretionary designations for certain uses based on the revised definitions and to reduce barriers in the application process.

City Council approved Land Use Bylaw Amendment C-1260-119 Radius Measurement for Limited Uses. The amendments clarify radius measurements for proposed developments of Cannabis Retail Uses or Secondary/Garage Suites. 

Advancing Shovel Ready Infrastructure Projects

City Council directed Mayor Given to write a letter to the Province sharing a list of shovel ready projects from future capital plans. These projects will help get Albertan’s back to work.

Developing Budget Scenarios in Response to COVID-19

City Council directed Administration to develop a budget scenario considering a 0% tax increase for 2020 and have it ready for discussion by mid-May 2020 at the mill-rate Committee meeting.

Bylaw C-1260-120 - Rezoning for Agricultural to Rural Industrial

Due to a Ministerial Order issued from the Province of Alberta on April 17, 2020. The Public Hearing scheduled for today must be re-advertised and brought back to the City Council meeting held on May 19, 2020.