Below are the highlights for the City Council meeting held January 11, 2021:


Grande Prairie Regional Sport Connection presented as a delegate to share their 2021 goals and information on the importance of sport and recreation.

Bylaw C-1426 - Face Covering (Mask) Bylaw - Verbal Discussion

Council directed Administration to bring the Temporary Mandatory Face Covering (Mask) Bylaw to the appropriate standing committee for review.

Advocacy Framework

Council approved the Advocacy Framework to confirm a process for identifying advocacy priorities for the remainder of Council’s term and establish a formal process to identify advocacy priorities early in the next Council’s term.

Amendment to Policy 124 - Bylaw & Policy Review Policy

Council approved an amendment to the Bylaw & Policy Review Policy to implement a diversity, equity and inclusion lens to enhance and support the City’s vision in building a socially sustainable future for all residents.

Bylaw C-1422A - Amendment to the Boards and Committees Bylaw

Council amended the Boards and Committees Bylaw to establish an appointed position for a representative from the Grande Prairie & District Chamber of Commerce Executive on the Economic Development Strategic Planning & Advisory Committee.

Bylaw C-1078G - Amendment to the Use of Public Lands Bylaw; Bylaw C-504C - Repeal of the Boulevard Bylaw; Policy 605 - Boulevard Use Permitting Policy

Council repealed the existing Boulevard Policy and approved a new Boulevard Use Permitting Policy to increase the tools available to address unlawful uses of public land.


Council received a response from Alberta Health Services on questions the City posed in previous communications regarding our local COVID-19 response. Council has requested AHS appear at a future Council meeting.

Council received correspondence from the Community Energy Association regarding the NW AB EV Charging Infrastructure Network (EVenture) and referred it to the appropriate standing committee.