Here are the highlights for the City Council Meeting held June 15, 2020:

City Manager Update on COVID-19

The City Manager provided an update on the City’s COVID-19 Response. The City continues to provide valuable core services to residents and is taking a phased approach to re-opening more services and facilities.

Land Designation – Supportive Housing

City Council allocated $400,000 and designated a plot of land for a supportive housing project, in partnership with the Government of Alberta. Supportive housing is a sustainable solution that reduces the effects of homelessness on individuals and the larger community. Community engagement on the project will occur in the future.

Northwest Alberta Electric Vehicle Charging Network

City Council endorsed the Northwest Alberta Electric Vehicle Charging Network request from the Town of Edson and provide up to $1,000.00 for the City to participate in the program.

Donation to PARDS Therapeutic Centre

Council approved the donation of the Accessible Transit Unit to PARDS when the unit is removed from service.

Revolution Place Design

Council approved $544,000.00 in capital funding to revitalize Revolution Place lobby spaces. The upgrades will improve the speed of service within the lobby and centre gate concessions and address the accessibility issues at the box office/reception desk.

2021 Tax Rate Target

City Council directed the administration to build a 2021 budget with a target of 0% to 2.5% property tax increase.

Cellular 911 Call Answer Fees Increase Resolution

Council endorsed advocacy to increase the emergency 911 levy payable by cellular subscribers by submitting a resolution to AUMA.

New Bylaws and Amendments

  • Municipal Records - City council approved the Records Management Bylaw c-1348, which outlines how the City will keep and manage records. Council also repealed Policy 114, being the Destruction or Preservation of Municipal Records policy.
  • Election Signs - City Council approved an amendment to the Use of Public lands bylaw, C-1078F, that clearly outlines where election signs may be placed during local elections.
  • Building Bylaw - City Council approved amendments to the building bylaw C-1328B.
  • Army, Navy, and Airforce Veterans Loan – City Council approved amendments to bylaw 1350A, deferring payments of the Army, Navy, and Airforce Veterans Loan by one year.
  • Swan City Hockey Association Loan - City Council approved bylaw C-1396A, being an amendment to the Swan City Hockey Association Loan.