Below are the highlights for the City Council meeting held on November 16, 2020:

Business License Bylaw C-1393

City Council postponed the approval of the new business license bylaw to the next City Council meeting.

Business License Bylaw Amendment C-1064L

Grande Prairie City Council amended the existing Business License Bylaw. The amendments remove some specifications related to cannabis businesses including:

  • No longer requiring sales information.
  • Eliminating the restriction of 1 cannabis business license per business entity.

2020 Community Improvement Grants

Grande Prairie City Council awarded $20,110.25 to eight community groups in the form of Community Improvement Grants. The funding is awarded to:

  • Community Village - $2,500
  • O’Brien Lake Neighbourhood Association - $2,500
  • Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association - $2,500
  • Grande Prairie Pickleball Club - $3,300
  • Highland Park Neighbourhood Association - $1,327.06
  • Hillside Neighbourhood Association - $2,453.91
  • Swanavon Neighbourhood Association - $3,029.28
  • VLA and Montrose Neighbourhood Association - $2,500

Policy 117 – Disclosure of Wrongdoing and Reprisal Protection Provisions

City Council approved Policy 117 - Disclosure of Wrongdoing and Reprisal Protection Provisions.

The policy is intended to advance an organization culture rooted in the highest ethical standards for employees.

It establishes an accessible process for employees and the general public to report wrongdoing that is contrary to the public interest, ensure all reports of wrongdoing are investigated, and to protect from reprisal those acting in good faith.