This news item was published 8 months ago, and may not contain the latest information.

Here are the highlights from the City Council meeting held on November 18, 2019:

Budget 2020

City Council reviewed and approved the 2020 Operating and Capital Budgets, as well as the 2021-2023 Operating and Capital Financial Plans.

2018 Census Results

The 2018 census results and population analysis were received by City Council for information.

Highlights from the report are:

  • Grande Prairie’s Population is 69,088
  • 10.8% of the population is aged 30 to 34, the City’s largest age group.
  • The majority of out-of-province residents migrated from British Columbia and Ontario.

The report also include information on population changes over the last 20 years, a map showing population changes in neighbourhoods, and a population breakdown by neighbourhood.

2019 Provincial Budget

City Council received information regarding the implications of the Provincial Budget on the City of Grande Prairie. As a result, City Council also directed Mayor Given to communicate the implications on the City to local MLAs.