Here are the highlights for the City Council Meeting held October 5, 2020:


International Coliseums Company presented as a delegate in regards to development of a new multi-purpose arena complex and mixed-use development.

A resident presented as a delegate regarding an outdoor skating rink in Signature Falls.

Residents presented as delegates regarding cannabis business licensing.

Community Knowledge Campus Advisory Committee

Council made public appointments to the Community Knowledge Campus advisory committee.

Emergency Community Group Funding

Council approved Emergency Community Group Funding in the amount of $15,000.00 from Council's Strategic Initiatives Fund for the Wolverines Wheelchair Sports Association.

Community Group Funding Policies Review

Council approved amendments to the Community Group Funding Policy and received

the Community Group Funding Guidelines for information.

Neighbourhood Associations Policy

Council approved the Neighbourhood Association Policy as presented.

The Policy clarifies Council’s intent for the benefit of residents who volunteer and lead these Associations, gives Associations direction and sets expectations for the role they play in the community to encourage resident involvement and engagement.

Alberta Municipal Affairs

Council received correspondence from Alberta Municipal Affairs in response to a letter sent by the Mayor requesting collaboration on innovative responses to community safety and social needs.

Bylaw C-1260-124 Restaurant & Drinking Establishments

Council referred discussion on the Restaurant & Drinking Establishment Bylaw to the next Council meeting.