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Here are the highlights from the City Council meeting held on October 7, 2019


Members of the community presented as delegates in regards to the Affordable Housing Strategy.

Councillor Extended Leave of Absence

Council approved an extended leave of absence for Councillor Blackburn from September 30, 2019 to January 1, 2020.

Bylaw C-1299 - The Procedure Bylaw

Council approved Bylaw C-1299, being the Procedure Bylaw, with minor amendments.

The bylaw was reviewed in its entirety to support current practices regarding the functions of Council Committees, the roles of elected officials, the chair of meetings and public member participation.

Affordable Housing Strategy 2020-2030 and GPCHC Business Plan

Council voted to move discussion of the proposed Affordable Housing Strategy 2020-2030 to a Council Committee of the Whole.

Council received the Community Housing Company Business Plan for information.

Bylaw C-1392 Grande Prairie Airport Business Operating and Parking Bylaw

Council approved the Grande Prairie Airport Business Operating and Parking Bylaw.

Bylaw C-1374 Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Bylaw

Council approved the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Bylaw with an amendment.

The proposed bylaw addresses remuneration for the Chair and members, and updates to the training requirements for both Board Members and Clerks.

Shallow Gas Tax Relief Initiative

Council approved the Shallow Gas Tax Relief Initiative.

Land Acknowledgement Policy

Council approved the advancement of a project to develop and implement a Land Acknowledgement Policy.

Council acknowledged first steps in this project include hiring a consultant experienced in Indigenous land teachings to assist in developing the framework and lead a medicine walk for Council and Senior Administration to gain meaningful insight into the value and meaning of a land acknowledgement.