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The City of Grande Prairie is committed to supporting modes of accessible transportation in our community and the region.

Our main focus is always on the users of the service. We want to ensure first priority routes that meet vital needs such as medical appointments, education and employment continue.

We also appreciate the need for service above basic needs, so all users have the opportunity to visit friends and family, volunteer in the community, and participate in other social activities for a healthy quality of life.

Over the past 10 years, the City has invested over $7 million into supporting the Disabled Transportation Society. Since 2015, the City’s support for DTS has increased by 26%. This support included a previously agreed to commitment for funding in 2019 that would see the city provide nearly $1M in support to DTS this year.

The City is open to working with the board of DTS, other funders, community agencies to find an orderly path forward that causes as little disruption as possible for residents who require accessible transportation options. 

As a community, we now need to explore alternative service models to find the right delivery method to meet the needs of our residents. We are confident this can be a positive catalyst for improving accessible transportation in Grande Prairie.