This news item was published 1 year ago, and may not contain the latest information.

The City of Grande Prairie has begun the process to create an Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) for the College Park neighbourhood.

The College Park ARP will establish the vision for the area including guiding redevelopment and future growth in the established neighbourhood. The plan will touch on a wide range of subjects including opportunities for developing vacant or under-used parcels and potential design requirements for multi-family development.

City residents and stakeholders are invited to learn about the project on the City’s engagement website. The goal of this first phase is to raise awareness about the project and ensure residents and stakeholders have the context needed to contribute to the year-long engagement process.

The second phase of engagement, starting in July will invite residents and stakeholders to participate in a survey and a workshop. In July, residents and stakeholders will have the opportunity to review the concepts they helped influence.

The final plan for the redevelopment of College Park will be presented to City Council in April 2020 for discussion and final approval.

Visit for more information on the College Park ARP.