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The City of Grande Prairie has started seasonal street sweeping and dust suppression operations.

Street sweeping begins on arterial roads and includes the roadway, medians, concrete barriers, and boulevards. Sweeping of the arterial roadways is anticipated to last until late May, weather dependant.

City crews have also begun sweeping of all City trails.

Street sweeping of arterial roads takes place 24 hours a day starting Sunday at 10:00 p.m. till Friday at 10:00 p.m. The City’s fleet consists of 4 roadway sweepers, 1 conveyor sweeper, 2 sidewalk/trail sweepers, 1 bobcat with a specialized attachment, and 2 tandem trucks.

Street sweepers travel at a speed of about 5 to 10 km/h when collecting debris. Debris collected by street sweeping operations consists of mud, dirt, gravel, rocks, leaves, and other natural debris. Upon collection, the debris are discarded at the Aquatera landfill.

The public’s patience and understanding is appreciated as we keep our roads and community clean.

Dust Suppression Applications Open

Dust suppression and control applications are now open for residents and business owners with properties adjacent to gravel roads.

To reduce the amount of gravel dust blowing up, which may cause driving hazards, the City sprays a combination of calcium chloride treatment throughout the City on an as-needed basis in the spring and summer seasons.

Residents in rural service areas may apply for a dust suppression and control treatment on a gravel road in sections of at least 100 meters.

Applications are available by searching for a “Dust Suppression Application” in the Permit Library on the City of Grande Prairie website.

The application fee is $440 for residents and $660 for commercial, per 100 meters of gravel road.

Although all efforts are made to ensure the treatment is successful, the effectiveness of the dust control agent is not guaranteed and is subject to variables such as weather. Refunds are not applicable once a treatment has been applied.

Further enquiries may be directed to the Citizen Contact Centre at 780-538-0300.