The City of Grande Prairie is seeking stakeholder input on updates to the Transportation Off-Site Levy – Bylaw C-1197.

Transportation off-site levies are funds collected to cover the costs to construct new regional arterial roads within undeveloped areas of the city.

All residents and industry stakeholders are invited to visit the City’s engagement website,, to view the existing bylaw, the proposed contributing area, and to learn more about potential changes. The City will be using this website as the main location for sharing information, including all preliminary planning documents.

Those interested in discussing the proposed changes to the Transportation Off-Site Levy Bylaw may send requests to

Further public engagement on the levies will occur later this year and details will be included in the information available on the online engagement page.

Background Information

The Municipal Government Act permits City Council to enact a bylaw that outlines the levy's implementation and payment regulation for land to be developed or subdivided and authorizes agreements to be entered into regarding payment of the levies. The City’s current Transportation Off-Site Levy Bylaw has not had a formal update since it was adopted on September 22, 2008.