This news item was published 1 year ago, and may not contain the latest information.

The outdoor pool is now in its final stages of the commissioning process before opening to the public later this summer.  With a number of health, safety and training preparations still ongoing, The City of Grande Prairie is taking this opportunity to update the community on the work that must be completed before the outdoor pool can open to the public.

As of August 16, the outdoor pool has been inspected by Alberta Health Services, the Grande Prairie Fire department fire marshal, and the building inspector. At this time, only a few, minor compliance items are left to be completed. Once these are complete, the building will be re-inspected before a final permit to open is granted.

Samples of the pool water have been sent for testing with results anticipated back early next week. The testing is done to ensure the pool is maintaining the proper balance of chemicals to meet Alberta Health Services safety regulations for public swimming pools. Results must show the chemical solution in the pool has remained properly balanced for a full week to pass inspection. This initial calibration is routine for any new pool and can be impacted by factors including new equipment and the significant rain that had occurred in our region.

As we await testing results to ensure water samples meet safety regulations, staff are preparing for training and orientation of the new site. This includes training on all the emergency procedures and on-site emergency equipment as well as safe handling of the pool chemicals.

An opening date will be announced once all health, safety and training requirements are met, and is still anticipated to take place this year.

The City of Grande Prairie is eagerly looking forward to the re-opening of the facility, and is currently focusing on confirming the new build meets all project standards to ensure the lasting legacy of the outdoor pool for generations to come.