This news item was published 10 months ago, and may not contain the latest information.

City of Grande Prairie administration continue to work with local project consultants, Field Engineering & Associates Ltd. to finish construction on the outdoor pool.

“We hear the community and know there is an eagerness to visit the outdoor pool,” said Director of Corporate Services, Susan Walker. “The City is committed to completing a pool that will serve the community for decades to come, this means taking all measures to ensure a quality product.”

The primary challenge in completing construction of the outdoor pool has been the application of multiple layers of the pool basin coating. To ensure each layer adheres successfully to the pool basin, it must be applied in a dry period with temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 48 hours of cure time between coats is required.

Attempts have been made in 2018 and 2019 to apply the coatings, however due to moisture during the application process, the basin coating had to be removed and repairs made before re-application. Despite delays, the project continues to fall within the established budget of $5,000,000.

When conditions permits, the contractor will make another attempt to apply the coatings, if successful, a pool commissioning process may begin in late July. Commissioning consists of confirming proper pool start-up and mechanical operations. Once commissioning is complete it will take approximately two weeks for water testing to ensure health department regulations are met. During this time pool staff will be oriented to learn the new pool environment, procedures, and processes.

“As prime consultants on the outdoor pool renovation, we recognize the importance of the swimming pool to the citizens of Grande Prairie and apologize for this delay,” said Roger Field from Field Engineering & Associates Ltd. “We hope that once the pool is open, you will enjoy this wonderful facility that our City Council chose to renovate and update into this modern recreational pool.”

Originally built in 1962, the outdoor pool has been a hallmark facility in our community for over 50 years. Completion of the pool is a top priority and was designed to be a premier facility. Our goal is to ensure the new build meets our standards and expectations before it re-opens to the public, so its legacy continues in Grande Prairie.