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An invasion of cottony psyllid, an alien, invasive insect, is impacting the health and vitality of black ash trees throughout Grande Prairie. Cotton Psyllid 1

Affected trees will show leafless branches or may have died completely.

Parks Operations recommends the best way for residents to help privately-owned black ash trees during this outbreak is to keep them healthy and hydrated. During dry periods run a garden hose set on a trickle near the ends of the branches for one hour. Fertilizing your lawn will also help your tree get the nutrients it needs. Additionally, residents may call local tree care companies to inquire about tree injections for privately owned trees.

In 2016, a moratorium on the planting of black ash trees on public lands was implemented. At that time the City also started a tree injection program aimed at controlling psyllid populations on public trees. This program is ongoing.

Many City-owned black ash trees are growing on the boulevards in front of residences. Removal of dead and dying public black ash by Parks Operations will begin in the summer of 2018.

If you have any questions, please call Parks Operations at 780-830-5018.

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