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City Council is meeting for a Council Committee of the Whole meeting regarding Affordable Housing on November 5 and welcomes public members interested in providing feedback on the draft Affordable Housing Strategy document to register as delegates in advance. 

The meeting takes place on November 5 at 9:00 a.m. in Council Chambers at City Hall and is anticipated to conclude by noon. The meeting was called at the City Council meeting on October 7 to allow for more opportunity for public feedback on the Affordable Housing Strategy before Council makes a decision on the strategy. 

Community members are welcome to attend as delegates to provide their input and feedback on the strategy. Presentations that address the following four questions would be appreciated:

  1. Do you or organization support Administration’s analysis of what the community's affordable housing need is?
  2. Are there broad areas of the strategy that you or your organization support?
  3. Are there areas where you or your organization believe you can play a role to support an Affordable Housing Strategy?
  4. Are there specific areas of the strategy that you or your organization are concerned with?

This approach is designed to facilitate meaningful community feedback and advance the development of the strategy. 

A draft of the Affordable Housing Strategy is available online

Each delegation will be provided 7 minutes to present, as well as time for a Q+A from Council. 

To register as a delegate, please complete a Delegation Request Form available on by Friday, November 1. 

The Council Committee of the Whole meeting is open to the public, and all community members are welcome to attend even if they do not wish to present as a delegate.