The Dave Barr Community Centre is a proud recipient of $25,000 in funding from the Farm Credit Canada (FCC) AgriSpirit Fund.

The FCC AgriSpirit Fund supports community improvement projects in rural communities at the heart of Canadian agriculture to enhance the lives of their residents and their vibrancy as regional hubs.

Funds received are being used by the Dave Barr Community Centre to install an advanced water treatment system to reduce energy use and Green House Gas (GHG) emissions by approximately 40 tonnes per year. The system creates water suitable for ice building and resurfacing without the need for the hot water that is normally required. Other benefits include lowering mechanical systems run time, fewer ice cleans, lower condensation in the arena and less water used.

The opportunity to upgrade the current ice making equipment at the facility presents the City with a sustainability project that aligns with its goal to lower GHG emissions while reducing operational costs and enhancing recreational opportunities within the community for families, community groups and sport organizations.

The City looks forward to implementing these efficiencies that will enhance sustainability and thanks FCC for their significant contribution.