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During the month of May, Enforcement Services focuses on motorcycle safety for the Selected Traffic Enforcement Program.

All motorists are reminded to be aware of their surroundings and exercise a higher degree of caution when more vulnerable vehicles such as motorcyclists are in the vicinity. Motorcyclists in particular have a higher likelihood for injury in the case of an accident due to their exposed vehicle.

Motorcyclists should drive cautiously and defensively, never assume other motorists are aware of your presence. 

Motorists should:

  • Look twice for motorcyclists at intersections, when turning, and when changing lanes.
  • Never underestimate the speed of a motorcycle, their size makes their speed deceptive.
  • Ensure you allow extra space between your vehicle and motorcycles as they can stop faster than other vehicles around them.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Whether you drive a car, truck or motorcycle. Help protect the lives around you by being alert and operating your motor vehicle safely.



With spring upon us, motorists in Grande Prairie can also expect to see more bicycles on the road. Please use extra caution when approaching or passing someone riding a bicycle.

During the month of May, Peace Officers may stop to talk to young riders about bicycle safety. Under the Traffic Safety, all cyclists under the age of 18 must wear an approved bicycle helmet when cycling. In Grande Prairie, residents are allowed to ride a bicycle or skateboard on City sidewalks, however, the rider must not obstruct the sidewalk or prevent the safe passage of pedestrians.

For higher chances of recovery in the case your bike is lost or stolen, register your bicycle with Enforcement Services by visiting