City Scrub 2020

City Scrub I April 18-24, 2021

Since 2005, schools, businesses, residents and community groups annually volunteer 20 minutes of their time to pick-up garbage in and around the City over City Scrub week. 

Residents interested in participating in City Scrub are encouraged to clean up garbage within their own parks and neighbourhoods. Supplies are available for pick-up at the following facilities:

Residents whose bags do not fit in their curbside cart may pick-up a bag tag at City Hall or Ernie Radbourne Pavilion.


Online registration for City Scrub is now open. Once you have logged in click "Programs"->"All Programs" and then "Senior/Adult Events".  

When participating, residents are reminded to abide by the provincial guidelines for physical distancing outlined at

Heading out for a City Scrub clean up?

Safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep only to your neighborhood/parks
  • Groups are to made up of same house hold members only
  • Be visible and keep off the roads. Work down one side, then cross when appropriate
  • If needles are found please contact Northreach for pickup 780-832-8548
  • Dress for the weather and bring water with you
  • Only garbage is to be picked up
  • Be familiar with your surroundings
  • Use a gloved hand when picking up any garbage
  • Do not touch or pickup any dead animals
  • Keep your eyes out for potential hazards such as dogs/cats, wildlife, traffic, pooled water, broken glass etc.

When you have completed your cleanup, place your bags inside your curbside cart for collection. If you have a bag tag, place it on the top of that bag, placing it out with your cart for collection.

The City thanks all residents for helping do their part to keep the community clean!