This news item was published 1 year ago, and may not contain the latest information.

All burning is suspended within the City of Grande Prairie.

No new open burning permits will be issued until conditions improve in the City and GP Forest Area.

Fire Ban includes the following but is not limited:

  • All opening burning
  • Consumer fireworks and exploding targets
  • Backyard firepits
  • Campground firepits
  • Burn barrels/ incinerators
  • Charcoal briquettes, includes meat smoker
  • Turkey fryers
  • Tiki torches

Allowed for use during the fire ban:

  • recreational off-highway vehicles
  • CSA approved or ULC certified gas or propane barbeques for cooking 
  • propane and natural gas fire pits
  • catalytic infrarared-style heaters
  • electric or propane meat smokers