This news item was published 1 year ago, and may not contain the latest information.

Ongoing wet weather has prolonged a fireblight outbreak in Grande Prairie’s urban forest. 

City crews are finishing the first round of pruning on public trees and inspectors are now moving into inspecting private trees.

In residential areas, inspectors are largely able to diagnose trees by looking from streets or alleyways, but will make an effort to contact home or property owners if a closer inspection is required. Inspectors have authority under the Agricultural Pests Act to enter private land at any reasonable hour to inspect trees.

Apples and crabapple trees are being hit the hardest and some are showing significant dieback and death as  the disease progresses.  This tree disease is legislated under the Agricultural Pests Act of Alberta and must be controlled whenever found. 

Owners of apple, crabapple, hawthorn or mountain ash trees are being asked to please inspect them for this disease and prune out any blighted branches a minimum of 12 inches below the infection.  Sterilize your pruning tools in between cuts with gas line antifreeze or a 10% bleach solution.  Pruned branches can be taken to the landfill or disposed of in your municipal garbage bin.

Details on how to detect and control the disease can be found on the Fireblight page on the City website.

Residents with more questions or concerns can contact Parks Operations at 780-830-5018 or