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The City of Grande Prairie is seeking feedback on the Hillside neighbourhood logo and entrance feature design.

The survey takes under 5 minutes to complete and asks about preferences for the logo, the entrance sign and the landscaping around the sign. It features three logo concepts and a variety of entrance feature design renderings for residents to select their preferences from.

Feedback from the survey results will be used to determine the final design of the project.

The survey runs June 5 to 19 and is available on the City engagement website:

The logo concepts and design renderings featured are based on themes drawn from the stories that residents and students from the Hillside Community School submitted during an earlier stage of our engagement process for this project. A selection of the stories can be read on the engagement website.

The Hillside neighbourhood entrance feature is being developed as part of the implementation of the Hillside Area Revitalization Plan. It is intended to welcome people to the neighbourhood and reflect the unique character of the area.

The City is anticipating to construct the entrance feature in the summer of 2019.