Throughout the month of January, Enforcement Services Selected Traffic Enforcement Program will focus on intersection safety. 

The five intersections with most collisions in Grande Prairie between January 2019 to November 2019 were:

IntersectionCollisions ReportedInjuries Reported
116 Street & 100 Avenue (Traffic Travelling North/South)
108 Street & 100 Avenue
116 Avenue & 100 Street 
100 Avenue & 116 Street (Traffic Travelling East/West)
116 Street & 97 Avenue

To stay safe when crossing an intersection, motorists are recommended to keep intersections clear so that other traffic may proceed if the light changes.

At intersections controlled by a four-way stop sign, the vehicle that arrived first will proceed first. If vehicles arrive at the same time, right-of-way is given to the vehicle on the right. Left turning vehicles must yield to approaching traffic. Having the right-of-way does not mean it is safe to proceed through the intersection, keep watch for pedestrians and oncoming traffic before proceeding.

Fines related to intersection safety:

  • Failure to stop before entering the crosswalk/crossing the stop line near the side of an intersection may result in a $155 fine.
  • Failure to stop at a stop sign or red light may result in a $388 fine and three demerits.
  • Failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk, marked and unmarked, carries a fine of up to $776 plus four demerit points.

BYLAW ENFORCEMENT EDUCATION PROGRAM (BEEP) – Off-Highway Vehicles Within Urban Areas

Throughout the month of January, Enforcement Services is focusing on the operation of off-highway vehicles, such as snowmobiles, within urban areas of the City. Members of the public are reminded it is prohibited to use off-highway vehicles on streets, boulevards, sidewalks, ditches, alleys, parkland, and trails.

In order to take an off-highway vehicle out of City limits, it must be loaded and transported to the desired location.

Enforcement Officers will be concentrating on the urban areas of the City to identify problem zones and travel routes. The fine for non-compliance is $250 and possible seizure of the off-highway vehicle.