This news item was published 6 months ago, and may not contain the latest information.

The City of Grande Prairie granted $9,968 to local athletes through the latest round of Pursuit of Excellence Funding.

$3000 was awarded through the Athlete Development Fund. This fund assists coaches and athletes to attend clinics and conferences or high performance and specialized training in an effort to advance their skills in their particular sport.

$968 was awarded through the Coach Development Fund to assist coaches, referees, officials, and other volunteers to attend training opportunities to further their expertise in their chosen sport. This funding prioritizes coaching education, particularly locally through clinics, conferences, and symposiums.

$1000 was awarded through the Clinic Hosting Fund to support a local sport organization in hosting local training, specialized courses and coach development.

$5000 was awarded through the Travel Fund providing travel assistance for athletes and teams to attend national and international events.

The City of Grande Prairie’s Pursuit of Excellence Fund is designed to provide assistance to athletes, coaches, and sport organizations in the region to achieve excellence in their chosen sport. The fund is a legacy of the 1995 Canada Winter Games that were hosted in Grande Prairie, and includes partnerships with the County of Grande Prairie and the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta.

Funding is awarded throughout the year. For more information on Pursuit of Excellence funding and to apply, visit