This news item was published 1 year ago, and may not contain the latest information.

The City of Grande Prairie has launched a new interactive GP Traffic Planner Map that provides residents with an improved online experience when seeking information about construction projects within the City.

The new traffic planner map is an upgrade from the previous construction map and provides users with a modern, user-friendly interface, and mobile capabilities. Users can also turn on a current traffic flow overlay to view near real-time traffic information supplied by third party GPS data providers.

The information shown on the interactive map consists of:

  • Current and upcoming capital construction work being completed by the City.
  • Current private-industry construction on public land that requires City permits.

Each project displayed on the traffic planner lists details such as location, timeframe, pedestrian and traffic impact, and transit route disruptions. The information available to the public also includes the project owner (City, utility, or private company), the contractor on site where applicable, and scope of the project.

On the map, residents can choose the amount of projects shown by sliding the radius toggle on the right hand side between a narrow view of five kilometres and wide view of 20 kilometres. The web app is mobile enabled which means users can allow their current location to be displayed on the map.

Once a user has found the desired location on the map, a series of numbered projects are displayed. Users then click on the numbered project to open project details within the lower right hand column.

Residents may access the traffic planner map from the City’s website at