The City of Grande Prairie is now accepting applications for the Development Incentives and Grants (DIG) Program designed to provide a long-term benefit to the community by creating economic stimulus and support investment in Grande Prairie.

The program consists of five incentives that are designed for large-scale industrial and commercial developers, and residential builders. The program is primarily self-funded through a rebate program and does not impact the City’s budget. 

Industrial and Commercial Incentives

The New Business Development Grant is a 10-year Tax-Increment Rebate for new industrial or commercial business development with a construction value of over $25 million dollars.

The Business Retention & Expansion Grant is a 4-year Tax-Increment Rebate for improvements to existing buildings or property that increase assessed value by a minimum of 25% with a minimum of $1 million construction value.

The Business Revitalization Grant is a 50% matching grant to a maximum of $25,000 for demolition or property and building improvement such as painting, siding, large-scale landscaping, access ramps, or lighting that improve aesthetics, access and/or safety.

Residential Construction Incentives

The Residential Infill Grant offers residential builders a $15,000 grant per lot within the Residential Infill Area as identified within Policy 357.

The Municipal Fee Rebate is designed to encourage residential construction throughout the City with a rebate on all municipal fees to a maximum of $10,000 for permits within Engineering, Inspections, and Planning.

For eligibility and application details for each incentive, visit Those interested in applying, must apply prior to beginning construction or the permitting process. All applicants are encouraged to speak to the Program Coordinator prior to submitting their application by emailing