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The City of Grande Prairie invites residents, landowners, and stakeholders from the development community to attend an online information session about changes to the Transportation Off-Site Levy Bylaw.

Transportation off-site levies are collected during the land development process to cover capital costs of roads and other transportation infrastructure for the arterial road network.

At the session, attendees will learn about:

  • The provincial Transportation Off-Site Levy Regulation and other governing documents
  • The City’s current Transportation Off-Site Levy Bylaw
  • The anticipated impact of changes
  • Current status and next steps of the 2021 off-site levy update

Those interested in attending may visit the City’s engagement website for more information and a link to register. Registration is required in order to receive log-in details.

Residents may also view the existing bylaw, view the proposed contributing area, and learn more about potential changes on the engagement website.

Anyone with questions may submit them by e-mail to Ashley Colter, Development Technologist, at

Background Information

The current Transportation Off-Site Levy Bylaw was adopted on September 22, 2008. It has not had a formal update since. The bylaw outlines the levy’s implementation and authorizes agreements to be entered for the payment of the levies.