This news item was published 8 months ago, and may not contain the latest information.

Below are the highlights for the City Council meeting held February 8, 2021:

Delegation Business

3D Children’s Society, who support children with serious medical concerns, presented as a delegate. Council directed Administration to work with the organization to contribute $5000 in funding as they are unable to host their annual fundraiser in the Coca-Cola Centre due to Covid restrictions.

Local business owners presented as delegates regarding provincial health regulations. Council directed the Mayor to write a letter to the Premier and appropriate provincial Ministers requesting information on a regional approach to re-opening and supports for businesses that are closed.

Community Group Funding Reallocation

Council approved the reallocation of 2020 Community Group Funding to Broadway Live Broadway to be utilized in 2021 and rescinded the $7500 they previously received in 2021 Arts Development Funding.

Aquatera Utilities Shareholder Appointment (City of Grande Prairie Proxy)

City Council appointed Mayor Clayton as the City's representative for Aquatera Shareholders meetings. This appointment fulfills the necessary requirements of the Aquatera Unanimous Shareholders' Agreement and the Business Corporations Act of Alberta.

Indigenous Liaison Position

Council directed Administration to further refine the scope of work, continue to pursue potential community partnerships, and to develop internal educational opportunities for the development of an Indigenous Liaison position and discuss whether to add funding during the regular budget cycle.

Having a dedicated position for Indigenous relations is an important step in the pathway to reconciliation and will help improve communications, relationships and opportunities between the City of Grande Prairie and the Indigenous community.


Council received a letter from the Reeve of the Municipal District of Bonnyville regarding advocacy efforts for Western Canadian municipalities at the federal level. Council moved to add the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to their next advocacy discussions.

Nauticol Energy requested a letter of support from the City of Grande Prairie. Council moved to invite Nauticol to present at the next Infrastructure and Economic Development Committee.

Land Use Bylaw Amendment C-1260-128 - Permitted Status of Restaurants and Drinking Establishments

Council passed an amendment to the Land Use Bylaw to reduce barriers to developing Restaurants, Drinking Establishments, Minor and Restaurant & Drinking Establishment, Minor in the Local Commercial, General Commercial and General Industrial Districts by designating them as Permitted rather than Discretionary.

Land Use Bylaw Amendment C-1260-130 - Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries

Council passed an amendment to the Land Use Bylaw to improve how Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries are defined and treated in the Land Use Bylaw to provide greater clarity for applicants.