City Council approved the newly redesigned transit routes and schedules at the Council meeting held Tuesday, September 7.

The new routes and schedules proposed have been designed to enhance connectivity and provide improved service to meet the needs of our growing City. The redevelopment is underway to match the growth and technological developments in the City so we can deliver better transit services to our residents with increasing efficiency.

Community engagement was completed in May to gather feedback and input from riders and community members to further improve the design.

About the proposed redesign

The new system continues to serve all existing areas and stops, plus more featuring three types of service delivery:

  • Conventional fixed route utilizing larger buses
  • Conventional fixed route utilizing smaller community shuttle buses
  • On-demand service using smaller buses connecting people from a bus stop within an on-demand zone to a transit hub.

Highlights of the new system include:

  • All routes meet/transfer downtown at the Towne Centre Mall
  • Service to the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital
  • Three routes travelling between downtown and the Eastlink Centre
  • Two-way service along 100 Street between downtown and the Prairie Mall
  • Two-way service along 104 Avenue linking downtown, GPRC, and the Westgate area.
  • A new “Shoppers Shuttle” route connecting all shopping areas between downtown and the Westgate area with 30-minute service all day
  • On demand service to be implemented in select neighbourhoods

The goal of the redesign is to:

  • Provide enhanced service to key destinations
  • Provide routes and service options that are more direct and easier to understand
  • Reduce travel time
  • Increase ridership

Further details on the redesigned schedule and routes are available on the Routes & Schedules page at

Implementation is anticipated for early 2022. Riders are encouraged to stay tuned to for further announcements.