A Dam Safety Review and Flooding Study found the Muskoseepi Reservoir Dam remains safe, stable, and in good working condition despite flooding in recent years.

The study was initiated by the City of Grande Prairie in 2020 to determine the condition of the structure and the impact of the spillway on properties. These reviews are required by the province as part of the City of Grande Prairie’s license to operate the dam.

The study was conducted by consultants specialized in dam safety reviews and assessments throughout 2020 and 2021.

The study found:

  • The operation of the gates does not influence water flows upstream of the 108 Street bridges during normal weather events. This is due to the shape and slope of the Bear River channel and valley.
  • The capacity of the structure is adequate and there are no additional overflow structures needed.
  • The dam and spillway are safe and stable under normal operating conditions and there are no deficiencies that require immediate action.

The Muskoseepi Reservoir Dam was built in 1948 and reconstructed in 1975-76. The dam is in place to aid in the control of water levels within the reservoir. City Council initiated the study following upstream flooding in Spring 2020.

The Infrastructure and Economic Development Committee received the study for information at a meeting on April 13, 2021. The study is available on the City website.