This news item was published 4 months ago, and may not contain the latest information.

AAA Striping & Seal Coating Service will begin installing thermoplastic pavement markings throughout the city starting this week.  

Residents can expect some lane closures in the areas where the contractor will be working. These closures are expected to be short in duration and should not last more than a few hours.

Drivers should expect construction zones to be signed and flagged, as required, and for all speed reductions to be clearly posted.

The City of Grande Prairie reminds the public to remain cautious of workers that may be present in construction areas. Please obey signage in the area and proceed with caution.

Background Information

The Thermoplastic Program helps prolong the life of the City’s pavement markings. The thermoplastic product is used to substitute regular paint and is considered to be much more durable. Application of this product includes grinding off a top layer of asphalt and filling it with the thermoplastic product.