Starting Tuesday, April 6, Parks crews begin working at three select sites directly adjacent to City infrastructure to remove vegetation and trees in preparation of the Bear River Outfall Rehabilitation program.

The Bear River outfalls are the points at which the City’s storm sewer system ends and the water exits into the river. The City inspects all outfalls regularly and replaces them on a priority basis based on their condition.

Removing the vegetation is required to allow for the replacement of existing outfalls that have reached their end of life. Crews will be using handheld power equipment to clear three areas directly surrounding the outfalls to be replaced.

Trail users are asked to be mindful of crews as trail closures may be in effect if tall or hazardous trees are being removed. Work is anticipated to last a few hours and up to a day at some locations.

The tree removal process is expected to last four days.

The City works hard to manage the forests and vegetation within the city and the long-term health of the adjacent areas is always considered when removing trees and vegetation.