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Enforcement Services encourages motorists to pay special attention to driving in winter conditions. Winter driving tips include:

  • Ensure your vehicle is clear of frost and snow to provide the best visibility possible.
  • Slow down, remember that posted speed limits are intended for ideal road conditions.
  • Leave more space between your vehicle and the one ahead of you to allow for slippery stops.
  • Keep your headlights on all the time – do not rely on daytime running lights.
  • Low beam lights are more effective than high beam lights in fog or heavy snow conditions.
  • Signal well in advance of turning to give other motorists time to anticipate and react.
  • Install winter rated tires.

Drivers are reminded to practice safe winter driving habits so that everyone gets to where they are going safely.


Snow and ice-covered walkways significantly reduce mobility and create potentially dangerous situations for pedestrians.

Enforcement Services reminds property owners and occupants that snow and ice on sidewalks adjacent to their homes and buildings should be removed within 24-hours of the most recent deposit of snow or ice. This snow and ice cannot be pushed onto the public street (except for downtown). Failure to remove snow or ice could result in a fine and removal costs.

If the public has any concerns or compliments regarding sidewalk clearing they are encouraged to contact Enforcement Services at 780-830-5790.