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The Year 4 Report Card (2018-2019) from Grande Prairie’s Five Year Plan to End Homelessness (2015-2019) was released today by the City of Grande Prairie and the Community Advisory Board on Housing and Homelessness

Highlights from this year’s results include:

  • Housing First program
    • 126 people housed
    • 19 program graduates
    • 82% retention rate
    • 73% reduction in use of emergency medical services, 77% reduction in visits to the ER and 92% reduction in interactions with the police among participants after 6 months in program
  • 201 people supported through Grande Prairie’s Housing Loss Prevention program to stabilize or improve their housing
  • 8 youth received mentorship and support through a youth transition house

The full plan and report are available on the City website.

The local plan aims to end homelessness by having people connected to housing supports within three weeks of experiencing homelessness. It works in support of the Government of Alberta’s Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness.