In 2016, the City of Grande Prairie annexed 6,300 hectares of land from the County of Grande Prairie. The annexation impacted 300 properties and 200 property owners. The population of the annexed lands prior to annexation is unknown. The 2018 census reports a total of 803 residents in the annexed lands.

What is annexation?

Annexation is the act of transferring land from one municipality into another municipality. This is not taking ownership of this land; it is just a change in jurisdiction.

The City applied to change the jurisdiction of 6,300 hectares of land from the County of Grande Prairie.

Why annexation?

Grande Prairie is a vibrant, growing, young community. City Council and Administration are working hard to maintain these qualities for the long-term future.

To grow, the City requires additional lands to attract industrial and commercial development within its boundaries. Industrial development provides a strong, viable tax base to fund more infrastructure, facilities and services.

Why do we need the land?

As our community and region continues to prosper, the City and existing commercial properties will face increasing demands to ensure these can be delivered on an ongoing basis to support growing families and strong neighbourhoods.

County of Grande Prairie residents and people who live in the region benefit from all that we have to offer at no additional cost.