Fencing and Screening

A fence is a structure which may be used to prevent or restrict passage, for restrict sound, yard decor, protect from dust or the elements, provide visual screening, or to mark a property line.

You do not require a development permit to build a fence; however, your fence must comply with all City regulations and bylaws. You should contact the Planning & Development Department prior to construction to ensure that your proposed fence is in compliance with all city regulations.

Important details to keep in mind

Fences cannot be located on City property, and cannot be located on any City of Grande Prairie utility right-of-way (URW). Your Real Property Report will show the location of the property lines and any utility rights-of-ways.

If the height and location of the fence complies with the rules of the Land Use Bylaw, no permit is required prior to construction.

Many residential areas have a restrictive covenant on the land title that dictates the style or colour of fencing permitted in your development area.  Please refer to your land title for this information. 

This information is intended as a general guide only. Other regulations or special circumstances may apply to your property. If you have any questions about the information provided, or would like to check your specific property, please contact City of Grande Prairie, Planning and Development.

Alberta One Call

If you are planning to disturb the ground, find out where the buried utilities are on your property as part of your planning process. Whether you are landscaping, building a new fence or deck, or simply planting a garden, disturbing the ground on your property can cause damage to a buried utility. Some utilities are buried mere centimetres below the surface.

For more information, contact Alberta One Call at 1-800-242-3447 or at http://www.albertaonecall.com.

Aquatera lines are not located by Alberta One-Call. Be sure to contact Aquatera directly for this information at 780-882-7800. 


This is a general guide and has no legal status. It cannot be used as an official interpretation of the various bylaws and policies currently in effect. The City of Grande Prairie accepts no responsibility to persons relying solely on this information.