What is a Property Line?

A property line describes the legal boundary of a parcel of land.

Why is it important to locate property lines?

Your property begins where your neighbour's property or a City-owned property ends. These lines are rarely visible to the naked eye, but it's important to know your land boundaries.

A homeowner who knows the location of his property lines is able to use the information to avoid building semi-permanent structures such as fences and bushes past their property line.

Image showing definition of property lines


How does Alberta keep track of all properties?

Alberta uses the Torrens Land Registration system.

The Torrens System – A government office has custody of all original land titles and all original documents registered against them. Government staff examine and register the documents and issue the titles. The government then guarantees the accuracy of the titles.

Please visit the Service Alberta website to learn more about the Torrens Land Registration System.

Helpful Links

Alberta land Surveyors’ Association   https://www.alsa.ab.ca/Public-Information/Boundary-Markers


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