A solid fuel burning appliance is a heat generating appliance that is fuelled by a source other than natural gas or electricity; this may include wood or pellets.

Below is a list of steps required to install a wood burning appliance.

Step 1: Establish Requirements

For installing a wood burning appliance minimal permits are required.

Step 2: Apply for Required Permits

Below are the steps to apply for the required permits. To minimize wait time, we suggest you apply for all permits at the same time.

Step 3: Receive Permits

Below is a list of approximate timelines based on the type of permit. The timeline begins once a complete application package is received.

Type of PermitProcessing TimeNotes
Building Permit2 to 5 business days by email 
Subtrade Permits1 to 2 business days by emailCannot be issued before a building permit (if required)

Step 4: Inspections

Below you will find details on what inspections are required and how to make your inspection requests.